/Make this a Summer of Safety in Tempe

Make this a Summer of Safety in Tempe

June 3, 2021

Tempe, AZ – Triple digits are here and summer in the Valley is in full swing. Tempe wants residents to stay healthy and safe – and that means being careful around pools, knowing where you can cool off, staying hydrated and more. The city is issuing an SOS – or Summer of Safety – to ensure you have all the tools you need to make it a great, safe summer.

Follow local COVID-19 protocols. The pandemic is still here and, in order to avoid a resurgence, it is necessary to keep taking precautions so you and yours can stay healthy. The latest is information is at tempe.gov/coronavirus.

Respect the heat. Take breaks in the shade or inside if you are working or exercising outdoors. Make sure you have plenty of water to drink.

Never leave kids or pets in the car. No time left in a car is acceptable. It can be deadly. Temperatures inside a car can increase by up to 20 degrees hotter than outside.

Know the cool spots. Tempe has several city facilities and nonprofit locations that open their doors for people to cool off and get some water. Find them at tempe.gov/HeatRelief.

Know the ABCs of water safety. Remember Adult supervision, Barriers and Classes. Tempe offers great options for swim lessons for all ages. Visit tempe.gov/swim.
Donate water. The city welcomes donations of bottled water at Kiwanis Recreation Center, North Tempe Multi-Generational Center, Escalante Community Center, Pyle Adult Recreation Center and Westside Multi-Generational Center. Learn more at tempe.gov/HeatRelief.
Know fireworks laws and safety. Fireworks can be dangerous and not all types are legal to use within Tempe. There also are considerations for veterans and pets when it comes to fireworks use. Find details at tempe.gov/fireworks.

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