/Furthering the Vision Zero goal: Tempe installs traffic safety devices around schools

Furthering the Vision Zero goal: Tempe installs traffic safety devices around schools

Photo by Alex Harris

Post Date: 08/17/2021

Tempe schools just got a little safer. Over the summer, the city installed high-visibility crosswalks at Tempe and Kyrene schools and flashing speed limit signs around Tempe high schools – just in time for students to return back to the classroom. 

The high-visibility crosswalks, installed around elementary and middle schools in Tempe, are bright yellow and ladder-style. They are meant to draw attention to the crosswalk, for both pedestrians and drivers. These crosswalks have been shown to increase driver yielding and they highlight a safe area for pedestrians, to cross, which may minimize unsafe crossings.

The idea behind the flashing lights, installed at all six high schools in Tempe, is to prompt drivers to drive at or below the posted limit during school hours, creating a safer environment for any students walking or biking to school.

With these new safety measures in our school zones, Tempe will be safer today than we were yesterday – and that is our ultimate goal.

–Tempe Councilmember Joel Navarro

The installation of these traffic safety devices were identified in Tempe’s Vision Zero Action Plan. In 2018, Tempe became the first, and only, city in Arizona to adopt a Vision Zero goal, a plan to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious-injury crashes.

I’m happy to say that Tempe has taken one more step towards achieving our Vision Zero goal.

–Tempe Councilmember Doreen Garlid.

Watch a back to school safety video with Councilmembers Navarro and Garlid, Tempe Police Lieutenant James Sweig and Scales Elementary School Principal Andrew Lebowitz.

For more information on Tempe’s Vision Zero goal, visit tempe.gov/VisionZero.