/« Les Satisfaits »

« Les Satisfaits »

The revolution of 1848 had political origins: the rejection of electoral reform by King Louis-Philippe and his minister Guizot. However, under the July Monarchy, the Chamber of Deputies also had its say. The deputies were appointed by a minority of censitary voters and placed their trust in the king’s ministers. It turned out that in 1846, the general elections gave the government a strong parliamentary majority. And it shared the views of the king on electoral reform. The question is therefore whether the elections were corrupt and whether these deputies, once elected, supported Guizot with or without threat or intimidation. The study shows that the osmosis between this majority and the government of Louis-Philippe was so deep that one wonders if it was not the majority that imposed its views on the latter. Indeed, the opposition press satirically described these government deputies as “satisfied”. Source