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Connect with Key Club

Builders Club puts students on the path to lifelong servant leadership. Help them stay on that path after middle school. Encourage members to join Key Club in high school. In fact, get them familiar with the program now! We have ideas for making a lasting connection.

Ask Builders Club officers to contact Key Clubs in your area and see if the two clubs can collaborate. Here are three suggestions:

  • Share about Key Club. Encourage Builders Club members to visit the Key Club website and learn more about what Key Club members do. 
  • Find Key Club’s in your area and attend each other’s meetings. This is a great way for the two clubs to support each other and even combine their efforts as they make a difference in the community. When members are regularly in each other’s presence, the clubs can learn from each other and share ideas. Find Key Clubs in your state/district.
  • Serve together. Encourage the club presidents to coordinate a project in which members from both clubs serve side by side. Check out the Key Club service directory to see what types of project Key Club members conduct. This might spark ideas. 
  • Be social. A great way the two clubs can get to know each other is through fellowship. This can be something as simple as a pizza party or a tour of the high school. Plan an event during Builders Club Week in March.  It’s an opportunity for middle school students who are curious—maybe even a little nervous—about high school to have a relaxed setting to explore and ask questions. Builders Club members should take the opportunity to ask Key Clubbers what it’s like to be in high school. Work with your members to brainstorm questions, so they go in feeling comfortable asking the teens about their experiences. 
  • Start a Key Club. If there isn’t a Key Club in the high school that graduating Builders Club members will attend, empower them by providing members with the resources to build one
  • Share your Builders Club/Key Club connection. If your Builders Club was successful at connecting with a Key Club, let us know what you did. Email buildersclub@kiwanis.org.

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